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The date: Dec 4th 2009: 4 guys in an RV are on the road in Louisiana heading towards Harwood, TX, where we and other members of our team are heading to play a weekend scenario game. A phone call is received from another teammate informing us that all the roads have been closed by the state from at least Houston to San Antonio (the route we are taking) due to a heavy cold front that has iced the roads. The consensus is the trip must be cancelled.

The team Captain , after talking with the field has been assured that a full refund will be issued in light of the situation.

The date: approximately 2-3 weeks later: The team has come to find out that no refund has been given and that all our registrations have been rolled over to the next big game. The field was informed that that was not a viable option for us.

The situation: The team is only able to attend out-of-state games once maybe twice a year, with quite some planning involved. Individual members have attempted to contact the field via email and phone with no response. As most of you know these types of games are not cheap; work schedules, family commitments, and personal finances all come into play when planning such trips. So for events that were beyond anyone’s control, meaning weather, we are being forced to loose well over $100 per person. Now I’m under no illusion that the economy is not under strain, and that we all are feeling the pinch in one way or another. However, as a business owner, how wise is it to take advantage of people and risk loosing further money (not to mention respect and credibility) by being greedy?

So I am simply asking, to all my fellow paintballers, Please join in a boycott of Tactical Paintball in Harwood, TX. Please pass along to all your friends. Who wants to play at a field that is more interested in keeping your money than creating a fun and entertaining game. I personally will never step onto that field ever.
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