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I bought a set of Slotted and Drilled rotors, new pads and high temperature paint. Parts for my 1996 Mustang GT 4.6L
All goes to plan, rotors look sick, Calipers are a nice bright Red, mounting brackets a glossy Black. Upon bleeding the brake lines.. I run into problems. I let all four calipers Gravity bleed for about 2 hours on a hoist. Then, after getting in and manually bleeding for an aditional 2 hours, I STILL have no brake pedal. The clutch was harder to depress than my brake pedal, not to mention the noise of the Hydro boost when you bottomed the pedal out on the floor (While the engine is running). Time goes by, a friend plugged into the OBDII Port, to cycle the cylinders and electroncially purge the air, bleeding the system. We found that we could communicate with each and every module in the car, EXCEPT the ABS module.. Go figure.
Co workers tell me to take the car onto some gravel, and force an ABS event, thus purging the remaining trapped air, left in the HCU so it could be bled out (This time via pressure bleeding.. I was running out of time :)).
After 9 ABS Events, and 2 more bleeds, I finally had a brake pedal.. Somewhat reduced from previous.
Car is back on the road at the moment, Brakes are peachy.. I'm just wondering if anyone has had similar problems? What did you do?
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