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Hey everyone, well I am pretty sure but correct me if im wrong but doesn't the BT-4 Combat have Tippmann A-5 Barrel threads and 98 Custon stock threads?
My problem is I wanted to get the whole Ak-47 look going and I went to and got a TACAMO Woodgrain Ak-47 stock thats supposed to fit a 98 Custom, however it doesn't fit my BT?
I looked at the BT-47's if anyone has heard of them but they are the simple black so it's not as cool. I need to know what is wrong? Also if I get a TACAMO Woodgrain Ak-47 barrel that's for an A-5 will it fit? Or will I still have the same problems. If anyone knows how to fix this or get the peice to fit lol please help me.


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