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i recently got a bushmaster line si paintball gun used but i don't know how to work it

it came with like 3 masks, a bunch of parts and junk, couple of hoppers, weird rubber tubes, cleaning kits, looks like the safety button has been removed for some reason but the gun is in extremely good shape

one of the air cannisters was empty the other was full

the full one, along the part where the air thing screws onto the gun, has a chunk of the metal broken off of it

if i screwed that onto the gun it just shoots air out everywhere...

i went and got some o-rings and shoved one in, tried putting the air thing on, and it still shot air out

then i put two o-rings in and put the air canister on and it did not shoot air out after it was screwed at least half way on... but i pulled the trigger and the gun didn't do anything

the air canister has an adjustment valve or something on it but it says danger of explosion on it or something so i'm afraid to play around with it too much


is it possible its so old that internal parts are no longer functional?

could it just be a crummy air canister?

i saw new ones at walmart for 10 bucks, they were definitely for paintball guns, but there were several sizes and prices, where larger ones were more expensive... do all the paintball air canisters fit all paintball guns?

how much is a bushmaster line si worth? what would it be worth if it was broken but in almost perfect cosmetic condition?

thanks :D

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i'm sorta confused what marker it is that you have.... can you be more descriptive? post pictures of what it looks like?
something like this maybe?

if so you've got a line SI bushmaster pump marker. A true classic fore sure. They're pretty uncommon to see anymore.
i was wondering if you knew where i could purchase a powervalve for a line si
bushmaster pump? its been a whilie since ive played paintball.

Stan- these are collector's items now. There are collectors who would buy your Bushmaster. I like the Bushmaster myself and used to play for the Bushmasters in SoCal - where the name for the marker came from. Long story there. Did you play in SoCal?
that's all the more info googlr search found for me. there are other links, it looks like they sell from $80-$250 depending on the competence of the buyer and condition of the marker.

on teh air tanks:
chances ar they're as old as teh marker and have not had the mandatory test that they require them to have every so often. It's actually just as much to buy a brand new tank. Are there any marking on either tank with a date or something on it?

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Don't use a damaged air canister. That may be part of the problem. As for the valve, if it's on the tank it's probably an on/off valve. If you are still interested in fixing it take it to an airsmith and have them look at it. Also get a new air tank. If you screw it onto the marker find out where it is leaking from. There should be a single o-ring around the neck of the airtank. Don't stuff o-rings into the ca adaptor. Might make the tank not set right and it could blow off. Bushmaster is pretty easy to work on. There are only a couple parts. Bolt, spring, and hammer in the main frame. A powertube and cup seal in the back. Make sure the power tube is screwed in well to the cup seal. Sometimes it works loose.
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