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buyin a used matrix LCD need pointers

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hey guys i just bought a used matrix lcd and was wondering what i mite need to look out for from ware and tear and also any ideas on how to take care of it from the aspect of cleaning ect..\
thanks alot
when i get it in ill post pics
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Be sure to lube your bolt kit. Matrix Muck, Dye grease, and Shocker Lube *aka Dow33* all work well.

Replace bad o-rings, make sure your back plug isnt too far in, set your LPR right.

Matrix's own all. They even own timmys. :) and no that's not against the rules...
id use slick honey its the best grease for ur trix and its like $20 for like a 1 lb. bucket thats a crapload of lube. buy a couple o-ring set, id rebuild all the regs just to be sure they didnt use any of tht crap dye tries to pass off as lube then just have fun, when u wanna upgrade id pick up a tadao board w/ eyes and a ff bolt/c4 mod
yeah, i'll plug for, they have saved me from many a crappy day of owning a broken matrix.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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