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Can you Equip every Barrel to every gun?

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thats the question.
Will I be abel to equip a barrel I will equip to a spyder as well to a DM?
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if you're shooting a DM4 i have no idea why you'd care about a spyder. but, I think that the DM4 is cocker threaded, and they make spyder threaded - cocker threaded adapters. meaning you can screw a spyder barrel into a cocker threaded gun.
^^^ Correct.

Autococker threads are definately the most popular threads that companies use.

That's why it can be so tough to find barrel kits and such that are cocker threaded... because so many people need them
the answer is, no. you cannot do what you have said unless you buy a modifications like outlaner desceibed. and i remember you youre the guy that has like $2000 dollars and cant decide which gun to buy.
Dont use adapters. Most guns use certain threads, autococker threads are very popular, they're on timmys trixies, new bushys, old defiants, cockers, basically every good gun out there. Spyder threads only work with spyders, tippys with tippys, and such.
What's wrong with an adaptor? I just got one...
Spyder threads are pretty popular, too. I believe most low-end (besides tippies) use Spyder threads.

If you are past the low-end, and don't want to buy two barrel kits (or just barrels), get cocker threads. They are the most common.
or dont be a poor ass and just buy 2piece barrels and get diff thread backs
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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