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Ok since I have seen several threads about installation of car systems and cd players, im going to make a thread on how to. my digi camera doesnt work but when it does ill post pictures

you can find all of these parts here at bestbuy or any other car audio store

Car Head Units

OK the first thing that you will need to buy is a harness for your car which is a single "plug" with about 8-10 wires coming out (20$)

You will need to get the plastic mount specifically for your car (20$)

Next you will need a package of crimp caps and zip ties (5$)

Next depending on what kind of car you have you will need a set of radio keys to remove your stock radio.(5$)

Step 1


Remove stock radio and set aside. DO NOT cut any wires to remove, just unplug all of the wires to the back.

Step 2

The wiring looks like this, the dashes just mean connect too

(car wires and plug in dash)--------(harness plug)--------(wires in cdplayer)

You will need to strip all of the wires out of the back of the cd player and strip the wires on the harness. Next crimp cap the wires according to color. Make sure to twist them first before capping them. If they dont match, you dont have the right harness. I forgot how many wires there are but there will be 1 or 2 that dont have another wire to hook up so just crimp cap them at the end and let them be.

Step 3

Now you will need to take your plastic mount and mount it into the dash, this can be tricky but if you mess with it for a minute it will fit right in. Sometimes you have to take the dash unit around the ac and cd player off to do this.
Next take the cd player metal mount and slide it into the plastic mount and bend the tabs all around it so that it doesnt move.

Step 4

Next take your cd player and harness and just plug it into the matching plug into the dash and connect the power cord to the cd player.

Step 5

slide cd player into unit until it fits snug and then put the cover and put the dash back on. You may now re-connect the battery and your cd player will turn on and is good to go. If there is any problem with anything like no sound or no display, your wires are wrong so just take it out and make sure the wires are all color coded right

Subs and Amps are going to be up later on tonight

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how bout somebody making a guide to car audio, like explaining what all the things mean (preamp, watts, etc.) and basic guidelines to making a decent system. I don't know where to begin with car audio so ??
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