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Discussion Starter #1 (Edited) I've decided not to do that crap to my car (1996 Accord-base model)....instead I kinda want to sell it. If I fixed the front bumper, touched up the paint, and put new hubcaps on it, how much would it go for? On KBB it says 4,500...on MSN it says $6,500.

NOTE: It's got 87,000 miles and a CD player.

Also, what is a good used vehicle that has the following characteristics:

4 doors
Power everything
Any transmission
Decent gas mileage (at least 17 city and 25 highway)
Is extremely customizable
Won't cost me a ton in insurance
Looks cool (I like very elaborate the one on a 2003 Grand Am)
Doesn't cost more than $11,000
Has a lot of room for the driver (I'm a big guy)

I'm not a big stickler for mileage, but something below 85,000 would be cool. It also doesn't matter if it's a domestic or an import. I would really like to move away from hondas, but if it was a great deal, then I might make an exception. I want something good looking and fast, but also good on gas. Don't get onto me about wanting a four door. I don't like coupes unless they are a sports car. I also want it customizable because I want to start getting into working on cars. Insurance is a big concern (expecially cause I'm 17), that's why it can't be something like a sports car :( . The cost is another major factor. I can afford to pay a car payment (I make $9.00/hour), but I would really like to pay it off before I go to college. I wouldn't mind an older car (especially something like an IROC camaro), but something newer is preferable. When you suggest a car please include:

The year
The make
The model
The trim (if you know it)
The engine size and HP
The transmission type
Estimated 0-60 time
Estimated cost
A pic if possible

Thank you for your input.

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Well, based off of what you told us, the very first car that came to my mind was a VW Jetta with a VR6 engine. You can score a 1999-2001 for about $6k, and you'd be getting all that you asked for, including the good mileage. It's also not a sports car, so you won't be paying insurance out the ass for it either.

The VR6 model is pretty quick too. Nothing that you'd streetrace stock, but it's got some kick at just under 200hp for the overhead cam VR6 and about 220hp for the Double overhead cam VR6 (but expect to pay more). As far as customization goes, I believe they make parts for Jettas, but that's something you'd have to research on your own.

I would try to talk you into getting an older car like my Camaro, but it doesnt seem like it would suit your application. Plus, a good running 350 will come in at just over 18mpg city/highway, which isn't something to brag about with gas prices at what they are. I would stick to mild performance/economy in your case, and go with something like a sedan with a V6. Who knows, maybe you'll pick up this whole car thing, and decide to run a turbo on the VR6...then you'll be cooking thumup:

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like i mentioned in the other thread, drive what you have right now till it dies man... you'll be able to save up more money in the long run, you'll still be getting GREAT gas mileage, and when it does take a crap you can REALLY cash in on something really nice later on... that's what i plan on doing, and i'm setting my long term goal for a roush mustang... use what you got, save your money, and set a goal on something you really want.. if you have any ambition at all it wont be that hard.. yeah i know it sucks driving a car that really doesnt stand out, but once you learn to live with it it's not that bad...

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Cockerkid63 said:
Grand Prix.
Better yet, buy my grand prix

If you could, you might be able to find a used mazdaspeed protege for cheap. There's one that has been sitting at the local dealer for a year now, and I've talked him down to only 9 grand. Only has 49,000 mi on it. They're peppy little cars, four doors, have an awesome suspension setup, and get good gas mileage. But, as far as insurance goes, I have no idea.
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