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I've always wanted a marker so I googled "paintball forum" and wound up here.

I read through a lot of your excellent forum and decided Tippmann sounded like a good choice.

Off I went to the local retailer and came home with a Carver One, some 88g co2 prefilled tanks and some paintballs.

I opened it up and there was no loader with the marker.

Back to the store and got a loader.

Back at home I tried to screw the little tank into the marker.


Back to the store for an adapter.

After finally getting everything together, I sent a ball downrange.

I smiled.

I sent a dozen or so until I could hit a big tree fairly consistently.

I then thought to myself "Let's see what this baby can do".

I started working the trigger faster and faster till I was up to about two or three shots a second and the pressure started falling off and the marker quit.

I had to manually cock the bolt to get the marker working again and again the poor thing couldn't deliver the rapid fire I was so looking forward to.

Same story next trip to the range.

Still works great in slow fire.

I spent a couple hours today looking through this forum trying to find out if I was expecting too much from this inexpensive Tippmann.

I think there's something wrong with it or there's something wrong with the guy behind the trigger.

Or do I need a bigger tank?


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Two possibilities here.

1) You are running out of CO2 because an 88g is more for airsoft than paintball. As a comparison a 12gram Co2 cartridge will give a Tippmann roughly 10 good shots before running out. That is why for semi auto markers the smallest size players use is typically 9oz which is good for about 300 shots before running out.

2) You are firing too fast for your tank. CO2 in a tank is stored as a liquid and needs heat to boil off into a gas that we use to operate a paintball marker. When you start shooting really fast your tank loses heat quicker than it gains it and your pressure starts to drop until you can't operate the marker anymore.

I'm going to wager that your problem is #1.
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