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Let's go a little "weird". If anyone knows what LARPing is, it's "live-action roleplay"... Anyhow, at one of my montly games my friend was playing his Ork... "Brockton". If anyone knows anything about Orks in general, whether it is spelled as "ork" or "orc" you pretty much understand that the yare dumb savages...

He decided to fall in love for the event... The funny thing is that it just so happened that a female player was playing her Ork from out of state at this said event... Perfect.

Imagine these by a rather chubby fat guy painted in green face-paint and acting like he has the IQ of a small infant:

"Oh my..." *Looks her up and down.* "Yer' eyes... You got two of 'em!"


*Screaming out halfway across a large battle, seeing his lady love.* "Hey...! Hey...!" *Runs over to her, completely ignoring combat and getting attacked without a care in the world.* "Hey ladies." *Points.* "You're legs... They go all the way to yer' feet!"

Loing story short, I stopped playing, but they've "been together" ever since. Some girls like to be swet off their feet...


P.s- A real one: "Excuse me, would you like to dance?" If rejected? "Oh, you must have misheard me, I said you're ass looks fat in those pants."
1 - 5 of 5 Posts