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CCM Cockers...

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Has anybody owened or used one. Whats sets them apart form WGP or FreeFlow. I know that for mechs they are fast, there was one at ProPaintball, the field at FreeFlow and I thought it was Ebladed, but it has the "normal" 3 way.

Weh you are looking at 500 - 800 for a mech cocker, and 450 for a pump, what really sets these aside from the others. I know I'm getting a cocker for my next gun, but is the price tag worth it?

As anybody used the bolts, how are they?


Are the CCM Carbon Graphite Barrel Systems worth $200

Thanks to all!
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CCM cockers areon par with FreeFlow, both of which are better than the stock WGP.
ccm cockers rule they are awsome for mechs and very reliable
i own both a series S5 and J2 and they are the nicest guns i own. I garuntee you wont be dissapointed if you buy a S5 or J2 and i can do that because i build/test everyone that leaves the CCM factory.

i also have 2 carbon fiber kits. the old and new style. the new style is the only 16in carbon fiber barrel kit you can get a hold of.
Yes, i heard from many people that they are t3h sh1t
Yah for the CCM! I got my Series 5 Pump with the J2 *86 Frame for $440 That was including 2 day air shipping. All brand new. I am so happy with this gun. :D

Whats the difference between the J2 and S5?
they are amazing. i might buy a 04 j2 when the price gets lower. real nice guns, awesome quality
CCMs come fully loaded. Everything you need for the best cocker on the block comes stock. Very hot guns. Plus Weez puts them together for you.
well sense he touched it.... <3
Do s5s come with the delrin bolt?
It is half Delrin and Aluminum atleast thats what mine came with.

Refer to sig.

They're nice. Besides the normal leaking, that comes with all autocockers, mine hasn't had any problems.
My works cocker rocks the house. Later this week I should be getting my new-used '03 J2 pump with autotrigger. Can't wait. Long live CCM.
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