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/*** CCM Series 5 Rare Dust Black, 68/45 tank and Q-loader. ***/

Prices are negotiable. Post first please.
My AIM SN for selling is aimsystmpass7
E-mail: [email protected]
PM is always an option.

How much I put in to this gun and to get everything new would be

~$1275. So if you want a great mech cocker and be able to change to a

pump any time this is a great deal.

CCM Series 5 orignal dust black (May '04) Rare
CCM J2 86* Hinge frame dust black (May '04)
CCM Pump Arm (May '04)
Check-it Uni-mount black/black (May '04)
Belsales Hollow-point 3-way black (Aug. '04)
Belsales 44 Magnum Ram black (Aug. '04)
Palmers Micro-Rock LRP black (Aug. '04)
KAPP K2 Aluminum Pump Arm black (Aug. '04)
JT Barrel Bag Yellow

Q-loader system (Sep. 04)
4 Q-pods (Sep. 04)
Q-Pack (holds a total of 7 pods) (Sep. 04)

Pure Energy 68ci/4500psi fiber tank (May '04)
Comes with a thread protector and fill cover.

Aluminum case with foam padding can be included for extra money. See

Gun Photos.

Every thing was used only 4 times except the Pnues they were used 3

times, Q-loader and the pump arm used only once. No scratches, dings,

dents or chips. Cleaned every time I played and oiled after each game.

CCM is one of the top brands for cockers. Only 3,000 rounds shoot

through this gun.

The q-loader system has a life time warranty just call the 1-800 and

they will ship the item that you need.


*** Photo Gallery ******

****** Price List ******
Gun: $440 Shipped Sold
Pump Kit: $50 Shipped Sold
Tank 68/45: $150 Shipped
Q-Loader system: $120 Shipped Sold
Can work a deal if buying everything.

Make an offer. I accept PayPal*, Money Order, Cashiers Checks.
I would like to sell everything by the 8th of March
*Paypal orders need to add 4% to the total.


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Hye when is the hydro date for the Tank?
Pretty intersted

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If it still has another four years then ill really consider it
I PMed you..
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