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Once again, the Commonwealth will be hosting a military style full auto shoot at OK D-Day 2012.

The shoot will be held on Wednesday, June 13 and is open to everyone at OK D-Day 2012. It will start at about 9:30 AM and will end at about 2:30 PM. The convoy to the range will leave the Commonwealth compound at 9:00 AM, so don't be late. Please bring your own vehicle or make arrangements to ride with someone. You may also want to bring something to drink or eat. The rain date will be Thursday June 14.

This shoot is open to anyone 12 years old and older. Minors under 18 years old MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No Exceptions. Please don't ask if 11 years and 11 months is close enough, because it isn't. Have proof of age, just in case the question comes up. A legal guardian must be authorized by law and documented by the court to represent the minor in all decisions pertaining to the minor. The father of a friend or older sibling is not good enough. The father of a friend or older sibling holding a temporary legal guardianship document from a court of law is perfect.

For 2012, the cost to preregister is $85 and you have to buy the rounds on site. The preregistration fee allows you to shoot any of the weapons offered. Preregistration will close out on May 1. If you know you’re going to be there, go ahead and register. At the event, we will take all walk-on shooters at $100 each, cash only. Please try to bring exact cash. The cost of the rounds is extremely reasonable and offsets the initial registration fee. Rounds are cash only. You may not bring your own real steel or bullets, but you can show up and take all the pics and video you want, at no charge. This year, we are offering belt fed weapons and an AR50 .50 cal sniper rifle and we are trying to offer an M2 .50 Cal. HB. We do feature various household appliances, boats and cars for the shooters to blow up. Yes, I said BLOW UP.

If you wish to do any kneeling, squatting or prone shooting, bring some sort of pad.

There will be no off-hand or Rambo style shooting. Anyone found to be acting in an irresponsible manner will have their shooting day terminated, their rounds confiscated and they will be escorted off of the range, without a refund of any kind.
These are the prices for last year, but they shouldn't be too much different for this year. I will post up the current prices on belt fed rounds and loose rounds, as soon as I know them. Please don’t comment on whether you could buy the rounds cheaper than anyone else or that you were/are in the military and you had enough of shooting. This is the man’s living. If you have a Class III license, a couple of machine guns and 10,000 rounds at $.001 each, then lucky you.

Here are the 2011 weapons and bullet prices.

AK47, AK74, M16, M4, M14, STG58/FAL, AC556/Mini14, MP5, M1 Carbine, M11A1/MAC11 with suppessor, M60, FN30/M1919, Thompson .45, RPD, Sten, Scorpion, AR50.

45acp 30rd mag, $20.00
9mm 30rd mag $15.00
30 carb. 20rd mag $15.00
30carb 30rd mag $20.00
308 20rd mag $20.00
762x39 30rd mag $15.00
223 30rd mag $20.00
223 20 rd mag $15.00
.50 Cal $5.00 each

belt fed prices
RPD 50rd belt $30.00
M60 50rd belt $50.00
30 cal 50rd belt $50.00

Preregister for the FAS and you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing for your money back and receive either a 20 round mag, in the caliber of your choice or three .50 cal rounds.

Registrations, comments or questions must be submitted by EMAIL to [email protected]. PMs will not be answered and negative thread comments will be deleted. Please include the names of the shooters, ages, one good contact phone number and whether you would prefer to pay by PayPal, check or M.O. All registrations must be submitted and paid in full by May 1.

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