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We played there yesterday (Saturday) mid September 2011

Here is our review

The shop/store (where you check in and paint is purchased)
Kept clean and very organized, Everything had a place and there was a place for everything. The staff that assisted us was pleasant, helpful and quick with the check in process
They also have flushable toilets here for players to use (yes its a short bit of a walk from most of the fields, but no longer than 3-5 minutes and for flushable toilets most think its worth the walk.

After finishing up here, you drive your vehicle up a bit to where the fields are and can park very close to the fields (both speed/wood ball fields). Which is very nice to have since energy can be spent playing the game and not hiking out to the field(s).

We had dealings with two refs. Both were on the younger side, but they knew their stuff (rules, games, markers, ect). They were also active on the field during our games (doing paint checks upon request, ect)

The woodsball fields, we played on two of them during our visit.
The first one was located directly across from the field shop. It provided a great field in which to play, it had tall bunkers, short bunkers, long bunkers, short bunkers as well as one side has a 2 story house to utilize.
The 2nd field was the deep woods field. By deep woods i mean its more like a Florida jungle, a Marine core sniper would have a field day at this field, he could hide for days upon days and never be found, similar is likely to be true with the average joe woodsballer, there is just so much cover one can use.

The speedball fields, which there were 3 of them the day we played. One of them nearest the field parking area, was your average speedball field. There were only 1 or 2 larger/taller inflatables on this field, so that is why only one of us played on this field. Its has no tree/shade cover so games played on it were in full direct sunlight. There was another speedball field set up that was occupied by a team that was practicing. This speedball field had numerous tall/large inflatables, but it was not usable as there was a team practicing on it :(

I believe it was $16.95 per person for field admission and that included all day air (they have 4500psi) and/or CO2.

They had a more than decent selection for paint to be purchased, the ones i remember off the top of my head were: Heat, Evil and RPS Premium. We choose the Evil paint with an orange fill and a case cost us $58.95 (plus tax of course) and we have nothing but great things to say about the Evil paint, not a single chopped ball the entire day through our DP G4's

The only negative thing I can say about our experience is that there was not many people out playing when we went (on a saturday), this is certainly not the field operators causing it (as we saw nothing but good and great things about the field and its operations), We plan to try again at this field due to the positive experience we had during our first visit hoping that there are more players. We cannot figure out why there were was such a lack of players at such a great field.
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