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... L'viv, Lvov, Lwow, Lemberg ...

A city of sleeping lions which has changed so many names throughout it's long history today remains one of the most charming and mysterious beauties of Eastern Europe. It is the only Ukrainian "Ensemble of the Historic Centre" included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

To register for this event teams need visit registration department (Teams -> Registration) and to login to the team`s profile. Please make sure that you do not forget to fill out the team roster.

To register a new team read the information in the registration department first.

However, please remember that online registration is only a half of the process necessary to complete the registration for the event.

Teams will also need to pay the entry fee for the event:
- Division 1 - 600 EUR
- Division 2 - 400 EUR
- Division C5 - 250 EUR

Late registration (+50 EUR) starts in APRIL 11th

The registration fee can be paid to any of the Centurio EPL organizers.


TRIADA Paintball Club
172 Horodotska Str, office 401
Lviv, 79022, Ukraine
Office Tel/Fax: +38-032-2451515
X-ball - Íîâîñòè


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We congratulate our winners:

Division EPL:
1st - SK Moscow (RU)
2nd - London HPG Factory Team (UK)
3rd - Entourage (HU)
4th - Warsaw United (PL)

Division 1:
1st - Dream Team Super Light (RU)
2nd - BugZ-SPK (EE)
3rd - Ukrainian Lions (UA)
4th - Pautina (RU)

Division 2:
1st - Silents (RU)
2nd - Salamandra (PL)
3rd - Magma (RU)
4th - Estonian United (EE)

Division С5:
1st - Zveri (UA)
2nd - Ukrainian Lions Lite (UA)
3rd - Forest Brothers (UA)
4th - KamiKaze (RO)
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