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I'm selling a model 98 that i painted chameleon and the flatline also, i've gotten lots of comments on how great this gun looks at my local field. I've polished the internals and have this thing lubed up to work as smooth as possible. This gun has NEVER broken down on me, i hate to say it but Tippmanns are very reliable guns. i've also lightened the trigger pull and also make it shorter. This gun also includes thumbscrews for easy take-apart and put-together. I'll ALSO include in this package a 16 ounce Co2 tank and a 200count Viewloader Hopper and also the stock barrel which i also painted chameleon.

So here's the count down


I'm asking between 200-250 dollars or best offer

I won't take any trades unless it's stuff for a cocker

-I'll accept paypal, or money order

If you're interested, you can im me on AIM at abyss drummer87
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