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cheap spyder that works well

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What is a good semi-auto spyder gun that willl not have problems. my friend has a spyder compact that keps screwing up so he is getting a different one that isn't too much money what one should he get?
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either an xtra or a victor, but for a little more i wouljd get the imagine, it is an all out better deal, but if he wants a seni, try the xtra
My friend has a Xtra works great for him :)
Becareful with the Victor and its plastic frame. Get either an Xtra, Aggressor, TL, or a Shutter, they all basically work and perform the same. But if he didnt take care of his Compact thats the reason its messed up and all markers need care.
my compact works fine...the guy that owned it b4 didn't have any problems either
My buddy has a compact and it shoots quite nice I think. Love your gun and it will love you back.
if theframe on the victor breaks just super glue it untill you can get some money and fix it up.
the tl-x the tl-x, i have a spyde tl-x and it works really well
1.TL-X (just got mine and its pretty nice)
2.Victor (nuff said alot of problems with the frame and no VA)
3. Xtra (I love them)

TL-X looks VERY nice though. I would get that mainly because it is sexy stock and it can shoot very well for the price you pay.

Accuracy is not the greatest out of the box. But thats expected.
a tl-x with a new barrel( teardrop/progressive) would be fine
ive never tried the tl-x but i heard it was a great semi spyder, the victor is also a great semi spyde, and the extra is great too so any of those would be good semi spyder choices
All of them will need a good barrell. A proggresive is nice for the price. A JandJ's I dont like very much, accuracy is not very consistent. But in a teardrop it is sweet. Quiets things down to.

Personally I would spend 150$ on a TL-X and a teardrop. Very good combo.
KingFikiElectra said:
Personally I would spend 150$ on a TL-X and a teardrop. Very good combo.
^^^^wow fiki. you did it again. that setup is perfect. my friend ordered a tl-x and had a teardrop. well, yesterday we put around 2000 rounds through it on crappy crappy wal-mart paint. and it shot like a dream. just imagine it with good paintballs.......
If I were you I would get that. cheap and they kick ass!
dude, i have that exact setup for mine, the 12" teardrop works excellent on the tl-x, like i said thats my setup and it impressed my freind with a custom pro and 14" aftermarket barrel so its accurate, sweet, and cheap
Every low end spyders will be fine. I own the TL-X and it never let me down. MR1 got a nice mil-sim look, while the new xtra look really nice.
I'de go with an imagine, i have a select which is one of the older ones and it has served me well, the new ones have nicer milling though too. Just slap a new barrel on there (I got a 14" Dye Ultralight) and your good to go.
out of all the cheaper spyder's ive seen/ used the sonix by far is my fav. its prolly the best out of too. so id suggest the sonix
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