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ya its me again.......seriously you have to see some pics of our field its sick even so for a woodsball player our "speedball field" is awsome. its kind of a warped speedball field with treches,fox holes,and a sniper tower. YA YA it might not seem to awsome!! but you kave to see it. The name "grun wald platz" is german for green wood place. During the summer our field looks like a world war 2 battlefield that kind of what we were shooting for because when we plkay scenario we PLAY scenario. We play alot over the summer and we get very into it and its all we think about. We have extremely lengthy battles. What we do is we have two teams...... red and blue team. both sides have about 10 people on it. Eveybody has either a red arm band or a blue arm band on them. we start on opposite sides of the field (take into consideration the field is 210 acres) then we give the signal "the snap" and it just a unbelievable barrage of fire fight back and fourth usually both teams have a"SNIPER" if you want to say that there is snipers in paintball which sit up in of sniper towers we built, also there would be 2 or 3 sabres(special ops or assassins)2 hammerman(full auto guys)and 2 shadowsprinters(extremely quite and fast guys) the rest of our team are usually the less expirianced guys whome we tell to do what ever. sometimes our games will last for hours on end. One of our sickest games lasted only like 2 hours but it was aswome. we and two others were the last ones. it was my spyder mr2, a tippmann98, and a tippmann a-5 against bt-4's not very intimidating but one of the kids was extremely accurate at far distances. the good thing was we were stationed at the top of this hill that had identical foot paths on both sides and if you wanted to you could crawl up the face of the hill which was covered in pricker bushes and had old rusty barbed wire hidden in it. if the kid wanted too he could have retreated back about a hundred or so yards and popped of towards the peak of the hill at us but he didnt instead the all (6 or 7 guys) rushed the hill after about 30 mins of camping an listening. the somehow supressed us so bad that we had to bury our selfs in the rubble around us (the hill was an old construction site) they eventually got one of our guys ot but me and my friend were so well hidden that we managed to eliminate 4 of their guys. there was now 2 on 2 we knew where both of them were one somehow got behind us and the other stupidly crawled up the face of the hill..he didnt know we were infront of him we both lit him up with 200 rds of paint and he tripped and fell down the hill(owwww) eventualy i scouted for the other guy and ended up having a 10 min long fire fight with him. i flanked him and we were victorious........ rate our game if you want to and give a hollar back thaks..thumup:
everybody has gernades,trip mines pumped and cranked up friends gun is pretty cool. His gun is a tippman a-5, apex barrel, with a response trigger,fold out stock.....bloody awsome_______ my gun is a spyder mr2 with rifled 16'' spyder barell, and a fasta hopper .. not too impresive but it works great for me i love it...32 bps not too fast but its fast enough for me to kick ass.:rolleyes: my other friends have pumpeed up tippmans that dont even look like paintbal many upgrades on their guns_____
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