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Do you dig white chicks that tan?

  • no, gross

    Votes: 17 89.5%
  • yes, gross

    Votes: 2 10.5%

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what do you guys think?
I personally think it's real ugly when white chicks tan, especially in the winter months. I think they just look like total freaks. Plus I HATE tan lines.

And the idea of going into a tanning booth is raunchy. Basically you're a piece of bread in a toaster.

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Girls that tan right = turn on.

There's nothing wrong with mild tanning during the winter to get a little bit of color back. But theres a girl in my 3rd hour, she was white and **** when school started, but now, in December, she's an orangie.

It's gross.

However my ex-girlfriend worked at a tanning salon and went frequently. She wasn't an orange gremlin either. There was nothing better then her wearing extremely short shorts and showing off those beautiful tan legs.

My current girlfriend has it like perfect. Not too white but not too tan. As far as I know, she doesn't go tanning. Just tans a lot during the summer outside.

As long as you don't do it to an extreme, I'm okay with it. Hell I've even gone a few times myself because it's free with my gym. (Which I haven't gone in months.. waste of money) It feels kind of cool tanning haha. Just be sure to throw a sock over your dick.
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