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black classic intimidator
non lcd z clamshell frame
was 2.6 all tweaked for tx storm
was switch
kapp delrin ram and stock ram
star adj ram cap
bob long black hydra bolt
high flow barbs
new cocker hosing
dragon trigger
mythic pride delrin trigger
dye sticky 3 grips
aluminum eye covers
duals (just added) with volumizer
16" cp one piece barrel
torpedo inline
clampin black lowrise

dye trix's with eyes
angels with eyes
timmys and eyes
dm4's i add stuff
other guns NOT WANTED
ecockers, non vision implse
anything without eyes

will sell for 750 shipped

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Please pm me where you got that clamper! I need one for my classic to!

Free up. This classic will shoot just as good as any other timmy. Nice deal. ;)

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hey 1337, has Clampers w/ their dual o-ring design which will hold ne hopper. there are 3 different threads avalible, If you live Near NC, you can take a ride over to them, Call them , or oder on their website for info on them. 2 of my team mates run classics and both got clampers from jim.

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I have a 2k4 vert feed cocker w/ ans reg, jackhammer front block, dye sticky grips, and 2 piece all american barrel.

Also have 99 cocker and 2000 bushmaster
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