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So, wanting to get a Clone GTi/GTi'd, so going to get rid of my VX'd clone. This marker has never given me any issues, othe than the original V2 OLED died. So has the newer VX OLED, not that there's any functional difference. Does have the gold bolt. Wasn't a fan of the original Macdev on/off, so replaced it with the Bob Long Gear Drive. Comes with marker and a case (not the original Macdev Case), original barrel, and a spare button as I have also replaced the membrane pad earlier in the year due to wear. Just used it last weekend at the field, without a single issue. Shoots fantastic.

Looking for $510 shipped to your door via paypal


Willing to consider any SPOOL VALVE markers in blue or purple. Willing to do a 2-for-1 + cash with my Rogue for a Clone GTi that I like the color on. Please don't waste my time offering poppets. I have no interest in them. At all. The only poppet I like is the Victory, and I already have one.

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