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Cocker hit man mod

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So I'm trying to find a hit man mod for my pump, problem is I don't know what pump kit is on it and all the hit man's I am seeing are specific to a certain pump kit. So does anyone know if a universal I've exists out there?
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If it isn't drilled for the mod, it probably will not matter. Just drill your holes to match your pump.
Ya and I'm saving that as a last resort

Good point toxic
T2 slot blocker, and 2x tonsixer t2 hitman mods FS

Not sure if the Tons are still in paint ball as i haven't talked to them in 3 years as Don got old and broken (sorry don!). but i could ask them if you want one like this
O heck ya, especially if they would be $15, everything else I am finding is in the 30 to 40 range. Ya if you can ask him for me that would be great, the one on the left on the photo I think would work better, not sure which one that actually is
O crap no, totally forgot
right. round generic. hmm. are there any screws on the side that faces the frame? or is it just the guide rod and the pump rod?
Guide and pump rod only
are you willing to tap your handle? this may or may not change the length of your pump stroke depending on how you have the timing set up
I was expecting to
ok. let me shoot off a message and see if they're even still making them. if they are i'll need dimensions for your pump handle
Cool thanks
$30 canadian ... plus shipping i guess. If you want it i'll probably go pick it up from Don
OK, let me make sure I have the room in my SG budget first (a few things have been costing more than I anticipated lately) but worst case I'll have to wait for a paycheck to get you the money
Changed my mind on this huck, turns out I can get a kp3 hitman plate for $20

Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump Hitman Plate - Black

Worst case, I need to drill the holes a bit too fit my cocker, but I need to make an ans order anyway
If you get a CCM pump kit, you probalyl won't need a hitman mod. It's so smooth and light!
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