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Cocker hit man mod

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So I'm trying to find a hit man mod for my pump, problem is I don't know what pump kit is on it and all the hit man's I am seeing are specific to a certain pump kit. So does anyone know if a universal I've exists out there?
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Mine is definitely NOT a CCM kit, but regardless it's not about how smooth it is, it's about my off hand, I like holding the reg a lot more than the pump handle
That I have preferences? OK... Seeing as they are the ones choosing to go into a semi and ramping dominated field with a pump I'll call them Hippocrates if they have a problem with me wanting a hit man out of personal preference
haha i don't care either way. paintball's all about personal preference. you know we preach that here :p
Ya I know, which is why I hate the "purist" standpoint, you can't tell me how to set up my pump when you are the one choosing to go out onto the field with one.

Same thing with drops, there are still people out there that I run into from time to time that try to tell me that the drops teach bad form... Bad how? I can still crank out 12bps in semi and it makes me a more compact player. I still can't believe how long that rumor has held on, it's almost as bad as freezing paintballs
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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