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Hi, my name is Phil. I have been working and tinkering with Autocockers for over four years now. My current marker is a very trick WGP 2003 Autococker. It is one of the nicest mechanical cockers you will find today.
I would be very glad to offer my tuning, and knowledge of Autocockers with those interested in this program. I would like to offer my services to any of my fellow cocker owners out there today. I am 100% legit and will do anything and everything in my power to make the process, quick, easy and painless. I guarantee that everything will be just that. If you are not happy with any service, or feel that I could have done better, I will refund your money and pay for shipping both ways. I am that confident.
All of these services include adjusting the velocity to 285 feet per second. If you would like the velocity to be anything different please tell me. And all of these services include a thorough cleaning. All of my timing services include: Adjusting the Back Block, Adjusting the Cocking Rod, Adjusting the Hammer Lug, Setting the 3-way, and adjusting trigger stops. This will make your trigger feel much shorter, and the gun will function much more reliably.
Here are the services that I am offering:
1. Timing and a thorough cleaning.
2. Timing, sweet-spotting all regulators and thorough cleaning.
3. Timing, sweet-spotting the internals and setting up springs for max efficiency and low-pressure. Thorough cleaning.
4. Timing, sweet-spotting all regulators and internals, and thorough cleaning.

I can do combinations of any of the services above and almost anything else that you would like done to your cocker. I can also install parts, troubleshoot your cocker, and recommend setups or changes.

Service #1- $20. Includes return shipping.

Service #2- $25. Includes return shipping.

Service #3- $25. Includes return shipping.

Service #4- $30. Includes return shipping.

For custom services or other services that I can do, tell me what the service is that you want done, and I will name a price.

I will offer Service #1 absolutely FREE to the first person that participates in this program. I only ask that person to include $5 for return shipping. Please leave feedback so others can that this is a legit service.

I always ship via USPS, but can ship other ways if you prefer.

This service is offered to anybody living in the United States.

I will test this marker on a 70/45 crossfire preset.

What to send: Your gun, the parts to be installed, the barrel, your in-line reg, and the paint you shoot most often.
Talk to me on AIM or e-mail [email protected] if interested.

You must post in this thread if interested.

Thank you.
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