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chat id : 0052803d-d241-4e62-96a7-a8c4dcb9a2ee
Problem : Connection/Speed


Olga > Thank you for contacting Comcast. My name is Olga. I understand that you have a question about connection. I will be happy to assist you.

Olga > Before we continue, may I verify your name please?

NANA > you know i am having a problem with my ping tmings at night

NANA > xxxxxx(name)

NANA > xxxxxxxxx(address)

NANA > xxxxxxxxxxxxxx(address) i hid them so u guys wont spam me :)

Olga > Nana, I apologize for the difficulties that you are experiencing.

Olga > How long has the problem been occurring?

NANA > yea you know, it only happens at night

NANA > since june

NANA > and when i usually ping 30 on servers

NANA > i ping 120+++ at night

Olga > 120ms is still not bad ping

NANA > no

NANA > but

NANA > when i am usually supposed to ping 30ms

Olga > Everything higher than 250 ms is considered as a speed issue

NANA > 120ms is alot

NANA > i am not talking about a speed issue here

NANA > since when did i start talking about a speed issue

NANA > ping issues are not related to speed

NANA > i can ping 1000ms to china

NANA > and i will complain

NANA > what can you do?

NANA > so in a local SEATTLE server

NANA > i ping 150 at night

Olga > "Ping time" refers to the amount of time it takes for a small "packet" of data
to travel over the internet from one computer to another computer and back

NANA > wow

Olga > It is speed related test

NANA > what do you not understand?

NANA > you obviously do not play online games

NANA > my problem is

NANA > i ping 10x more at night to local servers than during the day

NANA > and no, this is not at traffic related issue, as who is up at 12 oclock at night trying to play games?

Olga > It may be your game server related issue


NANA > i ti snot a game server

NANA > i ping at least 5 times more to EVERY SERVER AT NIGHT

Olga > Is your PC connected directly to your cable modem?

NANA > wow

NANA > ok look

NANA > tell me this

NANA > it is not a hardware issue

NANA > it has to do with your systems

NANA > and the time

Olga > Do you use a router or hub?

NANA > i ping fine during the day, so are you saying that my hardware will just die at night?

NANA > YES i use a router or hub

NANA > but i tol dyou, it is not a hardware related issue

NANA > and i do not want to mess with my settings

Olga > In order for us to troubleshoot this issue properly, you need to disable a router and have a straight connection from the modem to the computer

NANA > just go ahead and connect to me

NANA > there will be no problem

Olga > Then you have to power cycle the modem and run some tests

NANA > i have dmz enabled

NANA > i have run tests

NANA > i power cycle everynight

NANA > everytime that my pings go sky rocketing

Olga > Run ping and tracert tests to your game site and Once you have done all tests, please chat with us or email the results, so we can escalate your issue to our network team.

NANA > i am running a trace route

NANA > i will host the image

NANA > and will show you

Olga > If you use a router right now, I won't be able to escalate your issue

Olga > The trouble ticket will be closed

NANA > -_-

NANA > just connect

NANA > and check my stuff

NANA > there is nothing wrong with my router

Olga > I can check your modem connection

NANA > then why havent you done so

NANA > ok, here is the traceroute screen shots

Olga > What is your modem MAC address?


NANA > you have access to my account information

NANA > and i do not feel like reaching over and reading my modem with small numbers

Olga > Not yet because you provided incorrect phone number

NANA > 00:12:C9:A1:FF:7C

NANA > helps :)

Olga > Thank you

Olga > not at all

Olga > It is a router IP

NANA > uhm

NANA > not its not

Olga > yes, it is

NANA > try these

NANA > 00:12:C9:A1:FF:7C

Olga > It is not Comcast IP

NANA > 00:0F:B5:55:8A:6F


NANA > you asked for my mac address

Olga > Thank you

NANA > here is my ip also

Olga > Connection to your modem is fine. I show no issue on our end


NANA > well

NANA > maybe if you want to look at that screen shot i showed you

Olga > That is why you have to run the tests from your end

NANA > you will see a problem

NANA > i just did

NANA > scroll up and look for the link

NANA > if you cant find it, just ask

Olga > Is that to your game server?

NANA > no

NANA > it says


Olga > I see

NANA > and i do not play on ONE game server

NANA > i play on multiple ones

NANA > but here is one

NANA > that is annoying me

Olga > The results are no so bad, but I can escalate them if you paste it to our chat window

Olga > I cannot send a link

NANA > so how would i paste an image into a chat window?

NANA > there is no send picture button

Olga > How do you expect me to copy/paste them to trouble ticket?

Olga > Run tests again and copy them to Notepad

NANA > over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 * * * Request timed out. 2 32 ms 12 ms 17 ms 3 21 ms 9 ms 12 ms 4 47 ms 31 ms 10 ms 5 44 ms 43 ms 42 ms 6 72 ms 71 ms 81 ms 7 84 ms 89 ms 88 ms 8 58 ms 57 ms 58 ms [] 9 83 ms 92 ms 80 ms POS1-1.BR1.SEA1.ALTER.NET [] 10 57 ms 64 ms 63 ms [] 11 213 ms 209 ms 209 ms [] 12 147 ms 144 ms 141 ms [] 13 219 ms 231 ms 211 ms [] 14 140 ms 151 ms 162 ms [] 15 176 ms 164 ms 168 ms 16 135 ms 157 ms 152 ms

NANA > that didnt come out right

NANA > but the 1000 charachter limit kind of ruined it

NANA > im sure those techs can sort it out

Olga > What about ping test?

NANA > that is the same thign as ping test

NANA > as you see the 3ms per hop

NANA > the total actual ms

NANA > is at the last hop

NANA > but if you would like to see a ping test

Olga > Can you do ping please?

NANA > k just a sec

NANA > Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600](C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.C:\Documents and Settings\Kevin>ping comcast.comPinging [] with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time=264ms TTL=109Reply from bytes=32 time=219ms TTL=109Reply from bytes=32 time=196ms TTL=109Reply from bytes=32 time=185ms TTL=109Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 185ms, Maximum = 264ms, Average = 216msC:\Documents and Settings\Kevin>

Olga > Nana, I will escalate the results you have provided. Check with us in 72 business hours.

Olga > Is there anything else I can help you with?

NANA > alright tahnk you

NANA > nope

NANA > is there a number

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I read it. I hate comcast they are a bunch of morons.

How do you do that ping chart? I wanna check mine.

Its never lupus
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comcast works pretty good a lot of the time, really fast and stuff but they have terrible customer support.

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NANA > and i do not feel like reaching over and reading my modem with small numbers


other than that, thanx for wasting my time.... :tup

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comcast sucks
and they know that its okay for them to suck in certain areas where other hsi services arent available
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