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I'm getting rid of my entire setup. Purchased 3/15 and only played a handful of times. I'd like to sell it all as a complete package, some of my stuff is NIB. Thoughts?

Eclipse Geo 3.5- Black/Lime
Dye Rotor 2 loader
NXe 2013 Elevation Harness 4+3+2
NXe 140 Round Pod x21
Ninja SL Carbon Fiber tank with adjustable Regulator- 68/4500
Ninja Grey Ghost Carbon Fiber tank with adjustable Regulator 68/4500
Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader
Sly Mask- Profit Series
Planet Eclipse Kit Bag
Exalt Prophecy Feedgate
Gen X Global 1000 Round Hauler
Planet Eclipse Shaft FR Barrel
Freak Insert Kit with Hard Case
Stainless Steel Freak Insert- .675/Reball
JT Evlution Loader
NXE 3+2+2 Harness
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