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Converting Trracer

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Is there an easy solution to turning a Trracer modified stock.

IE- CO2 cartridges instead of continual air source, and tubes instead of a hopper.

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In the announment it specifically says not to post "IM THE FIRST" specifically. Read them, please.

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thats a lil harsh avanters, he had a question to go along with it

I can see you warning people that make a post JUST to say they were the first and nothing else
you can just get a 12 gram quick changer off of ebay or something. actually... i'm selling my gun real soon to get a phantom. and it comes with a 12 gram quick changer. I also have a 15 ball stick feed for traccers. if you want, I can sell you both of them for... $9 + shipping. oh and the stick feed is horizontal the gun like a phantom. so now you can say you ahve stock class instead of modified stock. :cool:

I saw a green SC Phantom on PBnation for 170 and it looks brand new and in original box just a few minutes ago m16 grip and rear 12gram green anno.
i'm guessing your talking to me. thanks, but i mostly want vertical 12 gram, plus now my mom said even if i see an awesome deal, i have to have sold my icon and traccer before i can buy a phantom. no paying back :(
Could I just stick a tube into the vertical feed? If the tube is too small, I could just wrap some electrical tape around them. If it's too big.. could I sand them?

I stick ten round tubes into both my Trracer and my Hornet. there is a step in the feed neck that will hold the 10 round tubes in, It is a little tight but works for me so you might try it. Stick your finger in the feed neck and you should feel the difference inside the neck.
Sweet. I don't have it yet, but I need a stock gun and I can get a trracer for cheap from a friend. He's across the frikin country, so I can't test. But I trust him.

I could sand down a portion of the tube, so it sinks farther...?

No need to sand it, it is better that they are tight so they don't fall out when you don't want them too. This method is also gravity fed but only ten rounds and meets some modified stockclass rules mattering were you play. Oh by the way this doesn't cost anything either LOL. and when the tube is full you can auto trigger all ten balls if you need to fairly quickly. Try it, it can't hurt, worst that can happen is it don't work on yours. With 12 grams I get about 15 good shots out of a 12 gram at 270 FPS or so and another 10 or so before it drops below 220. nowhere near as good as my Phantom but I paid 25 for Trracer and 40 for Hornet. I only shoot 200 or so balls in a rec day anyway so air efficiency is not that much of a issue. If I need better efficiency I can use Phantom.
About how much would 50 cartridges cost?

I have a 12 oz CO2 tank. Cartridges seem incredibly ineffecient to me. I can get all-day CO2 for $5 on a 12oz, which equals ~43 cartridges, plus refills.

Is it possible to get a ~5 oz CO2 tank? I don't think I need 12 oz with a trracer.
Vindicator is correct. It wouldn't be classified as a pure stock, more likely a modified, but that's fine with most stock/pump players! A couple of things are preventing it from being classified stock... The autotrigger, non horizontal gravity feed, and possibly a ported barrel. I'm not sure what you could do to get rid of the autotrigger (if for some reason you wanted to) but you could get a PVC 90deg elbow and do a lot of sanding to it for fit for the 10 round tubes. To make it look even better make sure to paint the elbow and RITE dye the feed tubes. Good luck to you and welcome to the world of pump!
Thx for the help. I was shooting for modified more than stock, though. Stock guns are more expensive... :( At least, from the stores I looked at.

PS: Is that your wife in that picture? Is that even you?

PSS: What does an autotrigger do exactly? I didn't even see that in the descrip. :eek:

PSSS: Yay! I get to be part of the owner's club, now. But there's no way to tell what number I am. 0?
Auto trigger and Co2

You can find 4oz tanks on the internet(there are 3.5 and 7oz also)but the 4oz tanks are the most common (I have four of them now)the 4 oz is handy as a backup for a semi also. they are typically a BE chromoly tank and weigh about 14 ounces empty and 18 full.

The auto trigger allows you to hold the trigger and just pump the pump handle and the marker will shoot whent he handle is all the way forward. This is not on semi markers as they would be full auto with an auto trigger.

There are not many true stock class markers anyway. (Phantoms, Trracers, Hornets, and most single tube pumps have auto triggers) My Splatmaster is a true stock class gun.

12 grams aren't that cost effective but are very light weight and are even required for modified stock class. rules of stock class are also there to help keep rate of fire down. you could pump out 10 shots really quickly with a 12gram but the cartridge freezes down very quickly and then your effeceniecy really degrades but even a 4oz tank would allow you to pump out 100 balls without alot of shoot down from freezing. IMHO I think Stock class rules are ment to get back to skill and not rate of fire type play. (YES THIS MEANS YOU HAVE TO AIM)LOL

But when you eliminate someone with a pump it seems to be more rewarding than spraying one hopper of balls at a player and scoring a hit. You are more involved in the process of getting a hit than just pulling the trigger fast and pointing the marker in the general direction. I have an Angel with angel air Etc. and I have more fun with my pumps and the Splatmaster.
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I was thinking abou getting a fast changer for my new Trracer. I think those of modified stock legal.... ?

Thanks Vin for the answers.

It takes a good number of cartridges to equal the amount of CO2 in a 4 ounce. 113.3981 grams in a 4 ounce. 9.449842 cartridges. That's rounded, of course. That's more than you can carry on a wrist-strap holder.

I can get 4 ounces of CO2 at my local hunting store (they carry- I don't know why.) for <$1.50. Compared to the price of ten 12-grams (about $4.00), it adds ups. That's why I'm going to use a 4 ounce tank most of the time.

I haven't noticed skill becoming that much more prominent in pump. There's a lot more movement, and tactics come into play more often, but the skill seems to have stayed where it is. Accuracy has improved, but leap-frog techniques, and small-squad tactics have all but disappeared.

I'm by far the fastest shooter on my team... I'm hoping that by me changing to pump, it will encourage the others to join with me and our "captain."
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I think you will be surprised at skill will turn out to be, You difinitly have to play hard and smarter with a pump. I think this makes the game more fun to me.
That is definately my wife and I. She doesn't look it, but she's over 21. :D We just had our first child (son) 7 1/2 months ago.
Someone took that picture at Six Flags 2 years ago with a crappy 640x480pixel camera.

An autotrigger lets you fire repeatidly by holding down the trigger while you pump. It fires automatically with each pump. I believe the old Brass Eagle talon had one but my PGP doesn't.

Here's a couple of good sites you might be interested in as a pump player.

One of the biggest advantages that pump players can make use of is single, accurate shots. People are much less likely to duck down if they hear a single shot compared to someone walking a stream of PBs to them.

HippoMaster said:

PS: Is that your wife in that picture? Is that even you?

PSS: What does an autotrigger do exactly? I didn't even see that in the descrip. :eek:

PSSS: Yay! I get to be part of the owner's club, now. But there's no way to tell what number I am. 0?
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