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This is a urban combat cops and robbers type scenario. PLayers either play as police officers, arresting and killing criminals who are played by other players. The game area is a 5 mile full scale town with houses, stores, a town hall, ect. Citizens of this town are played by actors, the actors fill the roles of shop keepers, tellers in the bank, shoppers, ect.

The criminals will do whatever they can to disrupt the peace of the city. They will be able to deal drugs (Flour, soap, Oregino, ect will be used for realism), rob stores and banks, mug people(played by actors), and all kinds of other crimes.

The police will be ran like a real police force. The will be led by one player who acts as the Chief of Police and evert type of unit, narc, homicide, traffic patrol, and normal beat cops. will be used.

To allow easy access to the whole game area, modified golf carts will be used as vehicles for both criminals and police. These vehicles be fixed so that they can not go over 20 miles per hour. Plyaers must pass a driving test and prove they can control the vehicles before they are alowed to use them in the game. Any player using one who did not get OKed will be removed from the game.

The criminals will be ran however they see fit. If they work together and form a drug cartel or a gang, or work alone as an armed robber, it is completely up to them.

I understand how hard this type of game would be to put together but I beleive it could work if a good sponser was found to help finance it.

Does anyone think this would be a good idea? Or have anything they think should be added or changed?
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