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June 1st, 2005

The woodsball revolution is turning the tide on tourney gear as two of the most innovative paintball companies unite to form the greatest woodsball alliance in history. has long been recognized as the paintball authority in custom tactical gear. Over four years ago, Cops911 invented the scenario vest and changed forever the way woodsballers would haul their gear. Cops’ extreme line of woodsball holsters, slings, vests and pouches are no less revolutionary.

Special Ops Paintball has rocked the paintball world over the last two years with cool stuff like the SpecOps Brigade, GameLocator, SPPL, Longbow Sniper and Tippmann A-5A2. They have not only launched the most gigantic store in woodsballTM, but they have done it with style.

Joining Special Ops Paintball in their new 26,000 square foot facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Cops911 will not only continue manufacturing custom scenario vests, but they will also pump-up the SpecOps line of tactical wear and load bearing equipment. Under the banner of Special Ops Paintball, the newly-merged company will crank out innovative product at breakneck speed.

We’ve been playing so much paintball this spring that it took us a while to settle down and get this deal done. (But, all that paintball did result in the creation of the ultra-cool SpecOps Broadsword and Recon vests.) Anyway, we promise to work hard during weekdays and evenings to blow y’all away with a bunch of really great stuff this summer. Stay tuned.

Cops911 intends to continue to fulfill the orders of its loyal distributors and we look forward to offering the full line of SpecOps product as well.
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