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hey guys, :)

i checked the info in the sticky but still i can't get really good results ..

i was wondering ,.. wich setting do you recomment on:


second q' is
with what should i clean my eyes... .. like really really soft toilt paper is bad?

3'rd q is:
any 1 ever heard about "breaking the spring"?
i read abit about this... can some 1 really explain what this means cuz i whana do that but afraid to wreck my new mini ..

thanks alot :)

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Leave dwell stock at least until everything is well broken in. ROF I leave stock since I shoot semi only.

Q-tips are usually recommended.

Breaking-in the spring, not breaking the spring. Out of the box, the spring is too strong, and will cause the Mini to kick. After enough use (you can also compress the spring to break it in, but it's easy enough IMO just to go use it), kick will DRASTICALLY be reduced. This is when the spring is broken in. Also this is when you should start seeing if you need to change settings on your Mini for improved efficiency and such.
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