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unless stated this is still for sale I'm moving out of the country on short notice this has to go, OBO PAYPAL ONLY NO GIFT!!! not new to online selling, I'm pp verified and expect buyer to be the same, enough of the rules lets see the build

This computer takes gaming to a whole new level. We cram as much performance and perfection as possible into this build for the ultimate gaming experience. With two extremely high powered GTX 980 Ti video cards you can game at 4k resolution without missing a beat. Zero lag, Zero stutter, the raw performance of this computer will blow you away. The best part? You don't sacrifice any stability, reliability, or peace of mind. This computer will run ultra cool and ultra quiet, with absolutely zero maintenance or hassle. We paired it with the top of the line Intel i7-6700k for ultimate processing power for gaming. Custom liquid cooling keeps both your video cards and your cpu near room temperature - even with extreme over clocks.

Simply put, if you want to game on a higher level, there isn't a computer out there that this wont crush. It truly is top tier, and will play games on maximum settings for several years.

CPU: Brand new i7-6700k - 8 core Intel 6th generation skylake processor RAM: 64GB DDR4 Ram overclocked at 2800 MHz Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Hero socket LGA1151 Water cooling: Custom coolant loop, dual 360mm x 120mm radiators, water blocks for GPU's and CPU - VRM and RAM water blocks extra Graphics card: dual GTX 980 Ti 6GB GPU/Video card Storage: 4x Samsung 1TB Solid State drives (in a 0/1 Raid configuration) Case: Inwin 909 Silver Power Supply: 1600 Watt 80+ Titanuim Fully Modular power supply.

View image: 00d0d 515 Ab3 FPa23 600x450

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