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'03 Red BKO

Vapor bolt and stock delrin bolt
Vapor valve and stock valve
Vaporized(port polished and stuff)
Vapor PDS(eyes)(vapor installed)
Vapor Chaos board
********** ram
Palmer micro rock lpr
AKA Mitey Max
Shocker Maxflo reg
OTB vert frame(angel frame)
freak barrel w/ .693 insert
clamping feedneck
Critical asa
parts bag
Chaos board and stock BKO manuals
New humphrey noid

There it is, i got it in a trade and it was leaking when i aired it up. I know nothing abotu bkos and do nto even care to fix it. somebody please take this thing off of my hands.

Price $200, MO or Paypal

(does nto include tank or hopper)
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