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I'm looking to trade my Crossfire tank

I believe its 68/3000 psi but it only says 3000psi on it.

Last hydro was 08/06 and its a 3 year cycle i believe so its good until next august.

The tank was 160.00 new and is in great shape i only used once every few months because i was in school when i played speedball and didnt have much time. Looking for 80.00 half the new price

I'm looking to convert to woodsball so i am looking for tippys to trade for this!.

80 + shipping

May be willing to add depending if its tricked out or not. Also need co2 tanks to go with the tippy if you have and are willing.

PM me i'm pretty flexible.

Dont be stupid
I dont ship first because of parents. Have some pbnation feedback though.
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