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I don't ship first. PERIOD.
I accept paypal, Money Orders. No Checks.
All offers are considered; Trades MUST BE IN MY FAVOR.
I have EXCELLENT FEEDBACK, just check it below.
All sales FINAL.
Don't flame this post.
Post here THEN pm or email me.


Email: [email protected]
AIM: Chramry62
Feel free to call me if you need to but PM me for my phone number

SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD - Crossfire 68/4500 High Pressure tank. Rehydro Date: July 2013. Tested via Boston Paintball. This tank was my backup backup - seldom used. Always had a tank cover on it. The tank as a tiny knick on it SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

DYE 68/4500 tank cover with zipper. Red. Slightly worn but clean. Zipper works nicely. $10 shipped. (or FREE if you buy the Crossy for $110shipped or better)

SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD DXS 48/4500 Stubby tank. This thing is tiiiny + was always kept in a cover! Used only twice. Output pressure is around 600psi. $130 shipped – For, $130+, I’ll throw in a black REDz tank cover SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

THE FREE STUFF! For every item you buy above, pick ONE of these items and I will throw it in for free - no additional Shipping charges. (The prices below are if you just want to buy them alone)

Black Hopper, holds 230 balls $5

SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 11" PMI Barrel (Sorry I don't remember the name of this barrel. Been in my closet for a long time. I never used it. Spyder threads) NEVER USED $7 shipped SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

Buy with confidence! Check my Feedback in my sig. I have been away from paintball for a long time so I do not have very many feedback in pbnation's new system but I have 100% positive back in the older days. Check the dates!

Thanks for looking and help me clean out my closet!
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