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hey whats going on guys, I have a customized 05 Ego for sale/trade.

The gun was customized by A+ annodizing january 06. The gun is gloss red with gloss black parts.

Upgrades are as follows.

Empire 2 piece Gloss black barrel

Tadao M7 Board (White LEDs)

Star Trigger

New Designz Bolt

New Red/Black Grips

Hybrid Rail/ASA

Hybrid Adjustable Ram Cap

I am not looking to downgrade. I have stuff and cash to add. so please, no 04 guns and do not wish for me to add alot.

As price is concerned, I am asking for 1000 shipped or best offer.

I am looking for paypal, and in a rush for the money, I use PBNation and I have 20+ feedback as well as more than 85 on ebay. First decent offer close to my asking price will get this gun, need this sold ASAP to pay for my fall college tuition.

Sorry that pictures are not as clear, I lost my flash card for my digital camera, so i took them with my webcam because everyone wanted to see them. The ego is much more shiny and glossy in person though...I guess webcam can't capture that aspect.

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