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Xplicit Eg06
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As the constraints of being underage and owning my own buisness are getting to me...I realize its time to give up one of my first loves. Lots of things are up for sale...If you need it...I probably have it.

First my Speedball setup.

This is a 100% custom e-cocker.

It has hit mid 20 bps on the Naughty Dogg's trigger settings. There is not a single...I repeat, NOT A SINGLE stock part on this gun!!


Ups as follows...
P&P Solid gloss black milled body
Chrome Worrblade
Black dye sticky grip
ANS Gen X front block in chrome
Palmers rock reg in chrome
Sto ram in chrome
FreeFlow QEV's
Air america messiah in black
Shocktech derlin bolt
Evil valve
Kapp brass hammer and lug
Kapp back block in chrome
FreeFlow Springs
titanium pump actuating and cocking rods
Black/Chrome unimount
12" TI Dye Boomstick
E-way valve is from karnivore in Worrframe housing.

$600. Only used twice to test...once in a tourny.
Invested over a grand in will never find a gun like this, anywhere.

(August 27'th)

Teched and tuned at shop after Tourny.
Lubed, cleaned and oiled after every usage.
Never let me down...just simply more than I need now.

Add Ons...
NitroDuck Tuffskin 68/4500
Carbon fiber, Only filled 3 times. Purchased right after I bought the gun. Bought new for $250

With Gun:$150
By itself:$200

Halo B...
Has seen numerous tourny's...Bought second hand from Osta the Pimp. In good overall condition.

With Gun:$70
By itself:$80

I will sell the entire setup for $750. Buy gun and tank...get the halo free.

Willing to deal.

Also have tippmann flatline woodsball setup for sale...PM for info.

Terms of sale...
Wont deal with immature people.
Wont ship first.
Wont ship same time.

Lets see this stuff go...


Xplicit Eg06
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Hey **** face...the pic is from b4 the worrblade. Im not scamming.

If you dont believe me...would you like to talk to a friend of mine that rocks a karni? We play on an all e-cocker team, so stuff it.

Kindly delete your posts if you would. Or be reported...its your choice.



PBaholic #14
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OMG its uncle T's cocker!

I was gonna buy this a long long time ago... it was sold for 300 then lol

Free Up ^

Anyway you could sell it with the hinge? Becuase i have always wanted this gun.
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