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ok people i have decided to put my custom rainmaker up for sale. i built and worked on this marker it has great sentimental value to me.

i started working on this rainmaker back in january and put over $500 and countless hours of work in to this marker, but some things happened and i did not have the time to finish the marker.

this rainmaker is one of a kind. its the only rainmaker with a pm6 frame.

-started life as a 99 rainmaker (#7131)
-pm6 frame with stock grips and trigger (stock trigger frame with trigger included)
-derlin bolt (stock bolt included)
-thunderboard lcd, has a very nice lcd screen (the screen is inside the grip frame to protect it), 16 bps, adjustable dwell, multiple firing modes (stock 99 semi auto board included)
-blue cp one piece 10" (stock 11" barrel included)
-front block with frame adaptor, mac mount, cocker asa. made by rainman229
-backblock volume chamber. made by rainman229
-ergo regulator (stock back hp/lp reg included)
-stock autococker lpr
-unimount style asa (not an on/off)
-modded shroud (bit of a hack job but i never intended to use i just got board) (not needed to play)

9 volt battery connects under the grip and i stuff it in my tank cover

*NOTE: the bolt currently sticks (shoots fine then sticks, shoot a few times unsticks then shoots fine). i have asked around and i am told that it needs marty's mods (theyare mods that fix flaws in the rainmakers design and are recommended for every rainmaker, it will cost $50 + shipping to and from marty). it may not be nessesary to do the mods it could just be the fact that i never could get the regs and dwell set right.

i have replaced the stock trigger switch with a better switch (50 gram i think). the new switch is held in the frame with very strong glue.

this marker can still be upgraded further and there are many more customizing options avalible such as milling and annoing.

this marker is great for some one who wants to build a custom rainmaker but does not want to put the money needed in to it.

$250 + shipping
-also can come with a black brass eagle carry case (shipping will go up, sorry its a little large)

-ipods with 30gb+ capacity and a color screen (ipod photos and videos mostly)
-very good digital video camera
-computer parts (newer stuff)
-nice pocket pc (with an sd card slot)
-possibly a nintendo ds lite package
-anything else you may want to offer, the worst i can do is say no, and i am pretty polite about it

i can add items from my sig for good offers

-I WILL NOT SHIP FIRST!!!! (i am not getting ripped off on this marker) and i am not a big fan of 3rd party
-i accept paypal (you pay 3%) and money orders
-post here before contacting me
-if i say no it means no please do not harass me
-do not flame in my thread or i will report you
-i only deal with mature people
-you must be 16 or older or have your parents permision (i don't want to get screamed at by anyones mom)
-please read and understand what you are buying
-everything is sold as is, no returns i am not walmart

How to constact me
post your offer here first
pm me (fastest way)
email: [email protected]
aim: go ump your dog
yahoo: shiro12309
msn: [email protected]


this is just a quick made video (on request), the regs and dwell are not set right on the marker and i am walking the trigger slowly becuase i suck at speed shooting, i play pump.

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