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Up for sale is my custom auto cocker paintball gun I built from scratch. The gun was tuned by impact paintball in NJ and shoots well over 15bps. It was built with the highest quality parts no expenses spared. Along with the gun, I am including a 4 pod proto belt, JT Mask, 1 68cu carbon fiber tank hydro’ed last year, 1 48cu steel tank (out of hydro), Evil Barrel kit to match any size paintball your shooting, and both a Halo and view loader hopper. I’m looking to get 400$ shipped for everything, not looking to part anything out.Below is a detail of the parts that are included in the sale, everything is in perfect working order.
Autococker Components:
Custom Black to Chrome Body
Planet Eclipse E2 Eblade
Planet Eclipse QEVs
Orracle Valve Kit
Complete Shocktech Front End
Shocktech Delrin Bolt
CP Regulator with pressure guage
Belsales Velocity Adjuster (Adjust velocity of gun without removing cocking rod)
Custom Drop Forward with On/Off
Evil barrel kit
Proto 4 Pod Belt
JT Mask
Halo and Viewloader Hoppers
3000psi 48cu Pure Energy Steel Tank (Out of Hydro)
3000psi 68cu Carbon Fiber Tank (Hydro 9/2011)
JT Gun Case

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