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The Custom Diamond Milled P&P Ebladed Cocker comes with the following stuff:
-P&P Solid gloss black milled body
-Chrome Worrblade
-Chrome ANS Gen X front block
-Chrome Palmers rock reg
-Chrome FreeFlow ram
-(2)FreeFlow QEV's
-Air America Messiah Reg
-Black Shocktech delrin bolt
-Evil valve
-Kapp brass hammer and lug
-Chrome Kapp back block
-titanium pump actuating and cocking rods
-12" Gloss Black Evil Driver
**The gun has a blown solenoid, i am unaware of any other problems with this gun because i've never been able to shoot it. bought it with a blown noid, and now i'm selling it with a blown noid. I dont have time or money to invest into fixing it up. Sold as is.**

$215 Shipped
***All trades must include $15***

Now for the beautiful pictures:

***Spotless Feedback in Signature***
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