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Custom Mini-mag + tons of paintball accessories. & Stock Autococker

This mini-mag has been my baby in paintball for years now. I’ve put a lot of time and money into it, but I’m now at a point in my life where I can’t afford to play anymore, and have student loans and such to take care of. This gear has been reliable through 2 tournaments and a lot of rec play.

In total there's probably about $1500 - $2000 worth of equipment listed here.
I'm not exactly sure how much it would sell for so I'd prefer to take offers first.
If I can't find a private buyer I'll probably be listing it all on ebay.

I'm willing to sell the Autococker seperately or together with the mini-mag.

Contact Info

Feel free to contact me either through this email address: [email protected] or preferably through one of the following instant messenger names.

AIM - whatshisnutz6979
Yahoo - tgdrevil
ICQ - 13463220
MSN - [email protected]


First Gun:

Black Heavy Duty Pelican 1600 carrying case. Holds gun, tank, barrels, hopper. Parts kits. Airtight Perforated foam padding inside.
Airgun Designs Mini-mag with black powder coating.
Black aluminum VL fore-grip
Custom made black powder coated drop forward.
Nitro Duck 3000 psi 114 ci HPA
Half black/half clear VL Revolution
14’ Stainless Steel Dye Barrel
12’ Polished Aluminum Teardrop barrel

Also Included:

JT Softstream mask with thermal lense
Polished black aluminum raised sight rail
Stock Mini-mag valve. You can get a new mag body and have another gun with this valve.
Minimag parts kit
2 sqeegees
1 barrel plug
1 larger box of parts – various air fittings, a few steel braided hoses
Black Redz 3-pack harness with 3 green semi-transparent 150 round pods
Black Brass Eagle 2-pack harness with 2 solid black 100 round pods
Camoflage Indian Springs 6-pack (3x3) harness with middle slot for remote tank & 6 black 100 round pods
2 extra green and 1 red semi-transparent 150 round pods

Second Gun:

Stock 98(I think) Autococker. Only played with twice, had plans to eventually upgrade it with a sandridge electronic package.
Forward vertical expansion chamber.
10’ Blue aluminum ‘Custom Products’ Barrel
68cu(I think) 3000psi Aluminum HPA tank

I can take more pictures if requested by anyone interested.

Pictures can be seen:
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