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i just put a cyclone on my alpha black...
well i took the whole gun apart to do it i was lost because this was the first time i took a gun apart..
well i looked in the manual and put everything back into place.
i put the cyclone on
but the only thing i didnt swap was this black piece that the lil air tube from the cyclone hooked into..
its the same exact thing as the on alreayd in the gun so instead of taking it part and puting the cyclone one in i just kept it

now i put a new co2 on and cocked it back and fired and the moved up and didnt come back like it should..
so i fired again and the ball went about two feet..
then it fired rite like three times but i had to cock it back everytime
then it fired like 4 at a time
like twice in a row and i still had to cock back

then it worked rite for like 5 shots then started doing it again

im new to moding ur gun and stuff so im dum in that area ad it sucks because i just put the shroud grip red dot on and im waiting for my j&j barrel and egrip to put on i wanna fricking use it sooo bad

i hope im not annying thanks for any help...
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