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Title pretty much says it all, I am selling my Dangerous Power G3 Special Edition (Ninja Black) with an Evil Pipe Kit.

Looking to sell both for $300 bucks + shipping ($20) = $320

Gun has been kept in awesome condition, is in Like-new condition. Bought new from local paintball shop on February 23, 2010. They had already sent it in to DP to get the regulator seat replaced (which was a problem in some guns) so that should not be an issue at all. I've played with it 2 times (about 1 case total) and it has been used in 1 tournament match. (two and a half hoppers through it). All in all, it still has around 1 case through it. I'm selling because (obviously) I'm not using it enough. Price is Firm, this is an SE and you cannot find them anymore. It has the upgraded board, the good regulator seat, and pretty much everything else is stock. This gun is trigger programmable, unlike the original G3. The only time you will need to open up the grips is to replace the battery or turn on/off the tourney lock. Everything works completely fine, shoots great with the pipe kit. Case is a bit beat up from use, and the manual has seen better days but still very usable.

Edit: tank in pics is not for sale, keeping that for my future guns/robot.


Dangerous Power G3 Ninja Black Special Edition with original case and manual
Stock 2 piece barrel
O-ring kit (stock)

Evil Pipe kit with the following pieces:
.683 back (black)
.686 back (black)
.689 back (black)
.692 back (black)
.695 back (black)
Silver 14" tip
Black 12" tip


Flickr: hurtlebeast's Photostream

I apologize in advance, Flickr is being stupid and won't let me link pics here. >.<

Paypal only, no checks, cash, etc.
Only trades I am looking for is a stock electro Spyder (yes, a Spyder) + you add. Click here for why I want a Spyder.
I will not ship first.
I WILL NOT SHIP FIRST! (Just wanted to make that clear).
I'm not doing third party or any of that. If you don't trust me, don't buy my gun :p
The gun is registered under my name through DP, I'll see what I can do about transferring it over (don't think I can, but I'll call them and see).

Edit: Tank in pics is not for sale, I'm keeping it for future guns/robots.
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