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Up for sale is my Dark Angel IR3. it has a different trigger..i forget which one i think its a blade. It has 2 infinity barrels, and one zero gravity barrel(has 4 inserts and works like a freak). I have a pure enegry 68/3000 fiber, its about 3-4 months old and i cant find the hydro but its more that 2 years i assure you. It has a rhino c5 cover on it. I also have an evo 2 hopper thats been used once. a pair of once used angel airtime pants, they are black/silver and they are so great. they have built in knee pads and venting. I also have a dye attack pack with 4 slots that will come with 4 dye lock lid pods, one is full of paint if you want the paint as well lol. I also have a vforce mask, dont know if anyone would want that.
Gun/Barrels : 425 + S/H = 440
Hopper: 50 + S/H = 57
Pants: 65 + S/H = 72
tank/cover: 160 + S/H = 172
attack pack/pods: 40 + S/H = 50

contact me:
[email protected]
Thanks for looking and i hope your interested!
Ill combine shipping if you want everything or more than 1 thing

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i personally have seen this gun. It is a chrome dark angel ir3 and it shoots great.
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