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In a short summary for the beginning opener I can say that we had a fun time at this field.

I also note that the website name for this field is Daytona Beach Paintball (so some may get confused about which field is which/what). The website address is Daytona Beach Paintball and they are open on Saturday and Sundays 10am to 5pm (also available for private parties on other days)

We went on a Sunday in early September, it had rained earlier that day (about 4am ish) so not all of the fields were completely playable (the woodsball field way out back was roughly 1/2 under water). There were no problems with the lake field playing area or the speedball/xball field.
Personally we likes the lake area field. Its large and offers a variety of bunkers and cover from which to play with. One of the games we just did a half field game and it worked out great, when more players arrived we switched and went back to the full field.

The owner/manager was a great guy, helpful, enthusiastic and just fun to be around in general. I am horrible with names otherwise I would have mentioned him personally.

The signup process was friendly, quick and efficient taking very little time out of the day, thus allowing more time for playing. $15 per player for field admission and all day air/CO2 is an extremely fair price to pay in our opinion. Rental prices were $10 and the markers were Tippman 98 custom with responce triggers and electronic hoppers

We arrived right about opening time and there were already about 4 people there. As the day hit around 10:30-11am ish there were about 12 people there and by 1pm there were about 15-16 players total.

The refs are on the younger side, but based on our experience with them, they were fair and also knowledgeable about both the sport and rules of paintball and also with various types of equipment. On the day we went, they did have a gun smith at the field and his knowledge level was very high, we didnt have any work done, so I cannot say anything about his prices for service work.

This is a FPO (field paint only) field. The price we paid for a case of paint was $50 and that was for a RPS/Empire custom blend field paint. We have used this brand/type of paint at other fields (roughly for the same price +/- $3-$5) and had similar results, which are hardly any breaks/chopping of the paint. One oddity that seemed to be present for FPO field was that someone in the group was shooting with pink paint (I know because I got hit with it) and that was not an available option/color that I was aware of and I asked about the paint types/brands and color fills when we purchased paint, so I just chalked that up to maybe someone was trying to pull a fast one and use some brought with them paint, either way it didnt affect the quality of the game or the games experience (just made it harder to clean equipment off with the pink glob).

The only negative I can say about our experience and the field there is that the woods ball field located in the far back is a hike to get to. Now for some/most people that is/might not be an issue, but my feeling is that any energy spent on hiking to the field is energy and time that cannot be spent playing the game(s).

We enjoyed our time and playing at this field. We were rain limited to the lake area field and the xball field, but that did not damper our fun at all, even had the far away woods ball field been usable, we would likely have skipped the games played there because of the hike distance to get there.
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