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Pee Wee's Playhouse is on TV! OMG!

he's totaly geeking me out. hahaha

Georgia........ bush!

Howdey do motha fukas it's wheezie baby
*****'s *****in and i gotta tote the *cannon*
Listen close, i got ducktape and rope
i leave ya missin the o'banin

One hand on my money
one hand on my buddy
thats the AK-47
Makes this neighborhood love me
Bullets like birds
you can hear dem *****es hummin
don't make that bird ****
he got a weak stomach
*****'s think i'm sick
i don't spit out vomit
got it?
one egg short of the olmete
Simon says
shoot a ***** in his thigh and leg
and tell him katchup like mayonaise
I'm the sickest ***** doin it, bet dat baby
Des otha *****s know i'm wet crack maybe?

Damn dude.... I am all.... um.... Sober :dodgy:


AIM = norflaballer

1 - 8 of 8 Posts