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That’s right guys its decay of nations time again and this year’s going to be even better than last year’s! EKRON has teamed up with the United Asian Front to make EKRON Asian Empire and The UNA has started to amass their armies, including the reformation of alliances with past allies from the Old Americas and United Mexico militias to take on TELECOM. Come out and help your side find the ‘Keys to the internet’ and defeat TELECOM!! If you preregister now it’s only $65 for the entire weekend entry!! THIS EVENT IS FEILD PAINT ONLY!!!!
-Entry Prices –
$65 for the entire weekend
$50 for single day entry
-Air Prices-
$15 for the weekend
$10 for single day
-Parking Prices-
$10 Car parking
$20 RV parking
$10 onsite Camping
-Paint Prices-
$4.99 Paint Grenades
$34.99 Rec Grade
$44.99 Mid Grade
$49.99 Pro Grade
For more information including full story and Preregistration go to Decay of Nations
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