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I was thinking of getting a Defiant and was wondering if these upgrades would make it sweet.

Zenitram 15 degree ASA SILVER
Bob Long Torpedo regulator (Chrome)
Vapor Bolt
Vapor 2004 Chaos Board
OTB 90* Reverse Magnetic Frame
Vapor Valve
Vapor Volumizer
12" Dye Boomstick
Dye Sticky
Polished Internals
Splash Annodizing (blue/silver/green) or (blue/black/silver)

So, what ya think? :)
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Should be pretty sweet although, the Vapor volumizer is a no (those are for the BKO's). While you're spending money on upgrades the Vapor FMD LPR is a must. Also torpedo's are nice, but there is better alternatives.
Yea, I wasn't sure if the Vapor volumizer would fit on the Defiant or not. And would a Dye sticky still fit on the 90* frame?
give the gladiator inline a look, its a really awesome reg, and looks awesome. And get a FMD lpr, or maybe a mac dev sonic LPR. dye stickies wont fit, im almost positive.
Dang, now I'm debating whether or not to get the frame if no grips fit it. I'll take a look into those products. :)
if you want a good after market trigger, you could also look into the zenitram 45* magnetic, if you choose not to get the OTB. Those will fit stickies.
Sweet, I'll go with the 45* instead. Thanks.
Defiant said:
Sweet, I'll go with the 45* instead. Thanks.
ya get a zenitram magno frame, double trigger style, dont worry its really flat so its still walkable.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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