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Let me start off by saying I don't know much about paintball, but think I may have an opportunity to start a indoor paintball playing field business. I hope some of you can help me decide if this idea is worth considering, and what sort of expense would be involved.

Here are a few basic facts:

I live in the south central US on the gulf coast which means the weather is HOT in the summer and often rainny and cool if not cold in the winter (summer highs over 100 degress is common, winter lows often in the 30's with a couple of dozen days per year below freezing.

I have some experience dealing with high pressure air compressors (I used to work as a scuba instructor part time), and own a couple of high pressure compressors already (a small portable 3.4 CFM electric or gas powered Bauer compressor and a 12 CFM trailer mounted diesel powered compressor)

My family owns a 30,000 sq foot warehouse, which is loosing its ability to function as a warehouse due to a road widening project that will take enough of the parking lot so 18 wheelers will no longer be able to back up to the loading docks. This warehouse was used for many years by a produce / food service company ands is divided into several large interconnecting cooler / freezer units (4 of these coolers are about 30x50 ft in size with about 18 ft high ceilings) as well as some open floor space (largest open area is about 75x100 ft this takes up about 20,000 Sq Ft of space, the other 10,000 Sq Ft is a single large open area about 100x100 ft and is separated from the rest of the area by a partition wall. In the middle of the 20,000 Sq Ft section is a row of smaller coolers (10x25 ft as well as the old warehouse office (there is also a newer office area added to the front of the building) the old warehouse office area is a 2 story area with one large 25x25 foot second floor (control tower like) room. The new office area is added on the front of the warehouse building measures about 40x60 ft and has separate entrances into the 10,000 sq ft area as well as the 20,000 sq ft area, restrooms, 6 small offices small offices (some could be converted to changing rooms, etc), and a couple of larger multi person office /show room floor areas.

Now the downsides, the building is located near an interstate highway, but not close enough to see from the highway (1/2 mile or less) in a secondary city with a population of about 200,000 people within 15 miles, nearest major city of over 5 million people is about 150 miles away. The building is not climate controlled at this time, although the cooler and freezer areas are insulated which might reduce cost too cool, or allow partial climate controlled zones in the playing field. Cost to repair coolers to function as designed would probably be in the $100,000 - $200,000 range, I suspect just "air conditioning" would be a lot less.

Ok now you know the basics, what do you think would be needed to make this into a good indoor paintball field (or do you think it is a bad idea?) How much would insurance cost for this type of business, what sort of equipment would be needed, etc?

thanks for your help

p.s. the street widening project is part of a bigger longer term urban renewal plan which plans to include various tourist centric things (board walk, parks, etc.) within the area around this building.
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