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i just got this cd the other day at bestbuy for 15$. what a great bargain, it comes with a nice case (which is important to me :)), nice booklet of pictures from their last concert, 2 live cds, and a dvd.

ill just get to the dvd first.

now i honestly thought 'oh a dvd is included, it probably sucks'.. well i was wrong, its a great deal. its all the songs from both of the live cds, and comes with all this other 'special features' stuff of the concert. the quality is awsome, and its filmed perfectly.

now for the cds

the quality is probably the best i've heard from a live cd. it incredibly clear, and they definetely stayed true to their sound. its kind of depressing in the general, when you hear the audience singing the last verse.. its their last concert, you can just hear their 'last' good byes in the way they sing it.

the cd is a must for any dispatch fan, its just incredible.
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