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-2006 dye matrix with ultralite frame
-Barrels - a couple CP and a Lucky barrel
-Crtical Trigger
-CP Regulator
-Top Hat Mod (better air efficiency)
-Critical on/off air supply
-45cu 4500psi Pure Energy tank
-Empire sound activated Halo
+ more

i used to play alot but i kinda lost interest.
everything im selling is in perfect working order. this dm6 is very easy on paint. i can shoot just about anything out of it and it wont come out of the barrel looking like soup.

the gun can shoot up to 30bps. (if u can get a loader to load them that fast) i can shoot 20 bps constistantly without having to worry about chopping or cleaning my barrel out every half minute.

im lookin for the best possible offer i can get.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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